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YFZ Co. Ltd offers a wide Range of elevators with smart and luxurious designs. With an exclusive agency of the well-known Japanese elevator company AOYAMA, All products been fully compliant by the European Organization for elevator Standards We are committed to delivering quality products, providing our customers with superior service and value-for-money so that we are a company you can rely on activities related to supply, installation and maintenance of vertical transportation.



YFZ Co. Ltd is one of the leading companies in the field of elevator and escalator services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. YFZ Co. Ltd was established a decade...


Why yfz

To inspire and influence over the years we have overcome many technical and aesthetic, design and engineering challenges to execute some of the most prestigious lifts in kingdom of Saudi Arabia , where other companies have failed. Tried and tested methods are used to achieve our client’s aspirations, our clients select us as their number one lift company because of our customization service which meets their specific requirements, as opposed to a one size fits all approach. Today YFZ Co. Ltd plays a leading role as an elevator installation and maintenance company in Saudi Arabia. Within a few years of its establishment, YFZ Co. Ltd achieved great success and was able to gain a wide customer base that attests to its efficiency in work and accuracy in delivery and delivery. This did not come out of the blue, as the company has exclusive features that made it the first destination for customers to choose elevator products and services in Saudi Arabia. YFZ Co. Ltd follows the most successful pricing strategy as it offers 30% - 40% lower prices compared to other international service providers in the market, without the slightest impact on the quality and efficiency of the work. YFZ Co. Ltd offers other essential competitive advantages in all of its elevators, including: ● Approval and conformity to the European standards and EN81 standards. ● Adopting and conforming to the specifications and standards of the Saudi Organization for Standardization and Metrology (SASO). ● Adopting a pre-wired system, whereby elevators are connected and tested before sending to the customer to ensure their effectiveness and free from any faults. ● Ease of installation and maintenance of elevators. ● Lower cost compared to that of traditional elevators. ● Provide a two-year guarantee on maintenance services and spare parts (terms and conditions apply).

Vision and goals

YFZ Co. Ltd is committed to its vision focused on assisting clients in obtaining the best services from supply, installation, to maintenance, at competitive prices. The company attracts a team of highly qualified personnel to provide quality products, sell original spare parts, and provide consultations and recommendations to our clients. We are keen in the company to implement and follow up the flow of work in the fullest manner and we are committed to continuous accountability, flexibility and perfection YFZ Co. Ltd seeks to gain a leadership role in the market by adopting smart solutions and using the latest technologies. Through its continuous efforts, the company aims to be one of the leading companies supplying and installing elevators in the Gulf.

Our story

Following international cooperation with an exclusive distribution agreement with the international Japanese company, “AOYAMA” which was founded in 1966 and is a professional elevator manufacturer in Japan. This global partnership provided YFZ Co. Ltd with competitive advantages in terms of technical support and project management services. The parent company, Youssef Fouad Zuhairi Company, was established in 2007 in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company started as a company specializing in the field of cars and transportation, and within a few years it was on the throne of the largest leading companies in the car trade in the Kingdom. The company won several international honors and awards, and expanded its reach by opening several branches throughout the Kingdom. Given the local market’s lack of professional companies in the field of elevators and escalators, the Board of Directors saw an ideal opportunity to expand and diversify the activities of the Youssef Fouad Zuhairi Group and enhance its profits, in addition to creating multiple local job opportunities. Thus, Yves Elevators and Escalators was established in 2011 as a branch of the owner company, with the latter continuing to follow up and develop its business in the field of cars and transportation. Today, the Youssef Fouad Zuhairi Group includes several subsidiary companies managed by Engineer Youssef and his sons. Despite this, the group ensures that each subsidiary is independently operated and managed in line with its day-to-day operations and development affairs. The group, with all its subsidiaries, seeks to develop and expand its business through: ● Improving the level of services. ● Product diversification. ● Increasing and enhancing marketing activities throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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YFZ Co. Ltd was established a decade ago as a subsidiary within Zuhairi group of companies managed by Eng. Youssef Fouad Zuhairi and his sons. Ever since we have been in the business of moving people and goods, we have built our reputation as a trusted Elevator company for which our commercial and domestic customers, rely on us to make life easier.


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