YFZ Co. Ltd

YFZ Co. Ltd

YFZ Co. Ltd is one of the leading companies in the field of elevator and escalator services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. YFZ Co. Ltd was established a decade ago as a subsidiary within Zuhairi group of companies managed by Eng. Youssef Fouad Zuhairi and his sons. Over the years YFZ Co. Ltd succeeded in building and developing a business market specialized in elevator and escalator services.

Following international cooperation with an exclusive distribution agreement with the international Japanese company, “AOYAMA” founded in 1966 which is one of  the most professional vertical transportation Manufacturer in Japan. This global partnership provided YFZ Co. Ltd with competitive advantages in terms of technical support and project management services.

To inspire and influence over the years we have overcome many technical and aesthetic, design and engineering challenges to execute some of the most prestigious lifts in kingdom of Saudi Arabia , where other companies have failed. Tried and tested methods are used to achieve our client’s aspirations, our clients select us as their number one lift company because of our customization service which meets their specific requirements, as opposed to a one size fits all approach.

Today YFZ Co. Ltd plays a leading role as an expert vertical transportation company for supply, installation and maintenance services in Saudi Arabia.

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