• Company : yfz
  • Product Type : Service/kitchen Elevator


Our dumbwaiter lifts (often referred to as micro lifts or kitchen lifts) can be utilized to carry a wide range of different objects from one floor to another and It provides fast, comfortable and economical vertical transportation of small loads in all types of buildings with a  range in carrying capacity from 5kg to 300kg.

These elevators are the fastest and most convenient means of transporting meals, drinks, food utensils, money, files, books, etc. Which are widely used in hotels, libraries, laboratories, office buildings, banks and other places.

Stainless steel shelves and floors are utilized for good hygiene, and heated compartments are available for the transportation of food.

You can choose the design and material based on your preference.

With high safety standards, excellent quality and innovative appearance, we can design elevators in various shapes to serve all kinds of buildings. These lifts are often small, flexible and simple


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