Hospital Bed lifts

Hospital Bed lifts

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These elevators are designed to be used in Hospitals and clinics. These lifts are intended for the carrying of a patient on a standard extended bed together with the necessary staff and equipment. It is specially designed to accommodate the beds and carriages of patients. This type is characterized by the large size of the elevator cart, simple design, and ease of use.

In addition, the elevator includes features including:
● Safe and comfortable: You can design the elevator according to your building needs. This elevator gives you large and spacious transfer trolley with the ability to carry heavy weight patient transport trolleys. This will make it easier to transport patients or any other heavy loads.
● Meets all your needs: The elevator has a first-class human design, as it can be equipped with first aid equipment and tools and provides natural light that is comfortable for the eye, and is safe if used to move heavy furniture.
● High accuracy in motion control: the movement of this elevator is precisely controlled by the limits of the millimeter. The elevator doors can be opened to a wide range to facilitate the entry and exit of large loads.

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