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Machine Room Less Elevator (MRL)

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The best solution to protect the environment and save energy. The latest human engineering techniques are reflected in the masterful design of this elevator. This type of elevator combines environmental protection, energy saving, and space saving along with greater freedom to choose the desired design without any restrictions. Compared with traditional gear elevators, machine room elevators save up to 25% of electricity and 10% of building area. This elevator has bypassed the traditional requirements of elevators and their need for a machine room, thereby giving you an unlimited opportunity to innovate your designs in a limited space in modern buildings.

This elevator has exceptional features, including:
● Space saving: The elevator is characterized by flexibility that makes it easy to install in different types of buildings. And it will make elegant changes to the architectural appearance of your project. Moreover, getting rid of the traditional machine room will save you much cost.
● Advanced traction machine: The traction machine has a small size and light weight, making it suitable in machine roomless elevators. A brake system and noise reduction device have been added to assist in a safe and distraction-free ride.
● Intelligent control system: The machine roomless elevator control system processes data more efficiently and meets strict standards in terms of precision control.

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