Panorama Elevators

Panorama Elevators

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Panoramic  Lift simply produces the WOW factor effortlessly. Perfect for iconic, listed, and prestigious buildings in both domestic and commercial environments. It for those wishing to make that great first impression to their visitors or clients or wishing to make that user experience a little more special.

Panoramic  Lift makes a fantastic talking point in any building with simply stunning results, supplied with specific designed structures dependent on the application use and if the lift is intended to be located internally or externally.

Making a great focal talking point in shopping centers, museums as well as providing a great solution in preserving light wells in listed buildings, with simply stunning and impeccable performance results.

If you are looking to impress then the Panoramic  Lift is the ideal lift solution when you require minimal maintenance and acoustic levels with maximum elegance, style, and comfort. Offering efficiency and reliability.

This Panoramic  Lift offered  With options to have entrances on up to three different sides of the lift car. All AOYAMA Panoramic  Lifts come as standard with EN81.20 – EN81.50 compliance with security requirements for construction and installation of lifts.

With additional options depending on your requirements available. YFZ Co. Ltd  provide comprehensive independent tests after installation and ensure all relevant compliances are met, with optional service and maintenance contracts available from our dedicated service department.

YFZ Co. Ltd  provides you with a wide variety of technical designs and graphic drawings for panoramic elevators.

This elevator can be used in major shopping centers such as malls, luxury hotels, corporate head offices, entertainment centers, airports, Palaces, Privat villas and many more.

We happily invite you to get to know our comprehensive range of services and to find out about our performance capacity.

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