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Machine Room Elevator (MRA)

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These elevators follow modern engineering designs that aim to preserve the environment and provide more space. These elevators consist of a gearless magnetic drive that connects directly to the integrated control unit, occupying relatively little space and maintaining a beautiful exterior. This type of elevator helps you reduce the construction cost and take advantage of the additional space provided by the elevator in your building, in addition to being excellent and appropriate in case you want to preserve the artistic and luxurious design of the building.

This elevator has exceptional features, including:
● Intelligent control system: The elevator includes an intelligent control system, which ensures the safe and comfortable performance of the elevator.
● High-performance traction machine: By replacing the mechanical transmission system with a high-efficiency magnetic transmission system, the traction machine of this elevator makes less noise and saves energy up to 40%.
● Door protection system: The doors of this elevator contain highly sensitive light bars to keep passengers safe. There are over 154 light beams emitted from these bars to catch any potential movement and prevent accidents.
● Comfortable ride: The elevator car has a length of two and a half meters and is illuminated by LED lighting similar to natural lighting, and this elevator is designed to increase the stability of the car during movement.

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