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Maintenance including 24/7 call back & repair service

Lift maintenance that works for you! As a responsible lift owner or the Building or Facility Manager, you are responsible to ensure your lift is always safe to use. Ensuring that lift maintenance is carried out on a regular basis in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations is crucial. Knowing this is completed pro-actively thoroughly and professionally provides our clients with peace of mind.

YFZ Co. Ltd offers 24/7 365 days a year comprehensive lift maintenance services is a proactive approach to reducing downtime and call-outs. Our company ensures all customers’ requirements are met. Our service contracts meet your requirements and ensure all is taken care of for you, for what you need.

Lift maintenance is important and when done diligently by a trusted party removes additional hidden costs that will occur when it is not. As well as reducing call-out costs, lift-out-of-order signs, and the dreaded lift entrapments. We highly recommend using quality service to prevent these events as much as possible and in the long run, through the term of the contract will save you money!

We describe our Maintenance services in three terms, on budget, on time, and stress-free!

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